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Container throughput in France is growing in the country's main seaports. Le Havre, for example, is one of the most important container handling centres in the European Union and the largest port in France in terms of container throughput. Our French network consists of nine depots in strategic located areas.

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Rue Bertrand Balguerie
Zone de fret de Bruges
33520 Bruges, France
Container Sales
+33 (06) 34 56 26 21


5814 Route des Amériques
59279 Dunkirk, France
Container Sales
+33 (06) 34 56 26 21


Parc Réparation
Zone tertiaire - Secteur 86
13230 Fos-sur-Mer, France
Container Sales
+33 (06) 34 56 26 21

Le Havre Le Môle

Route du Môle Central
76600 Le Havre, France
Container Sales
+33 (06) 34 56 26 21

Le Havre Roselière

4222, Route des Entreprises
Zone Industrielle
76700 Le Havre Roselières, France
Container Sales
+33 (06) 34 56 26 21


Port Edouard-Herriot
1 Rue de Bâle
69007 Lyon, France
Container Sales
+33 (06) 34 56 26 21


Enceinte Portuaire
Porte 4
13013 Marseille, France
Container Sales
+33 (06) 34 56 26 21


17 Boulevard de Cadréan
44550 Montoir-de-Bretagne, France
Customer Service
+33 (06) 34 56 26 21


Boulevard du Grand Aulnay
76530 Rouen, France
Vente de Conteneurs
+33 (06) 34 56 26 21

About CCIS France

CCIS France has two container depots in Le Havre as well as seven other container depots in France at strategic locations

  • Bordeaux
  • Dunkirk
  • Fos-sur-mer
  • Le Havre
  • Lyon
  • Marseille
  • Montoir-de-Bretagne
  • Rouen

All container depots provide you with the complete range of empty container services.
With our strong and efficient team, CCIS France offers container storage, container handling, container repair next to container sales as well as mobile repair services. Furthermore, France offers container conversion.

The following services are provided by CCIS France

32 empty container handlers will lift your equipment in the right way on a surface of more than 271,000 m². 26,000 TEU can be stored on our depot sites.

Our experienced team of more than 129 employees offer you a quality service and excellent operational performance.

Like our other european entities, CCIS France has implemented the depot software Containerchain to automate and standardize operational processes to increase the efficiency. This depot software allows us to measure operational performance indicators e.g., turn-times, average repair costs or movement activities to optimize our service to be always one step ahead.

A key unique customer support function is our technical department: Our technical team ensures that the repair criteria are uniformly adhered to at all locations. In addition, our technical division has already developed several inspection and repair manuals to ensure the optimal and uniform repair of your containers. Furthermore, our technical department is in constant dialogue with our customers to provide cost-efficient solutions.

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    26 000

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Quality, Safety, Security & Environment (QSSE) policy

CCIS France strives to raise its standard to offer to its customers the best services, and in line with quality, safety, security and environment pilars.

Supporting diversity and inclusion

The diversity of our employees is what makes CMA CGM Group so rich. In 2021 and in 2022 the Group has particularly focused on: gender equality, intergenerational diversity and cultural diversity. The Group is committed to providing equal opportunities for success to all and to fostering a fair and inclusive working environment.

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CCIS is an international company employing more than 1927 professionals. Combined with our worldwide presence, we are able to offer diverse career opportunities.

We work in a flexible and modern environment. Every day we face new challenges that need to be mastered. Our dynamic team works with an innovative mindset, while remaining true to our traditional port-related roots.

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