CCIS, flexitank, CCIS Morocco

Flexitank shipment with CCIS Morocco

September 29, 2023

CCIS Morocco performs its first Flexitank shipment, with a batch of 10 x 20Ft containers!

Transporting liquids in dry containers like oils, wine or non-hazardous chemicals can be a challenge. With its expertise, CCIS Morocco has taken advantage of the flexitank’s capacity and transport liquid cargo in the best way.

CCIS, flexitank, CCIS Morocco, liquid
Interior of Flexitank bag in dry container

Flexitank is ideal for transporting all kinds of  non hazardous liquids and chemicals in dry containers, such as the olive oil shipment performed by CCIS Morocco, offering an alternative to traditional tanks and drums.

This action allowed supply chain optimization, as the container was already prepared and equipped with a flexibag to save costs and 
intermediary steps.

it also improved shipping times thanks to a quick filling of the flexibag, with no bulkhead required. A game changer to fulfill a capacity of 26 500 liters per container!

CCIS, flexitank, CCIS Morocco, liquid
Optimize your Flexitank shipment!