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September 9, 2021

Thanks to our qualified Container Sales & Conversion team, we are able to offer our Customers innovative and unique Product Solutions. Our REEFresh, for example, is a high-quality used Cargo Worthy refrigerated container that has been technically overhauled and given a fresh new coat of paint. A CSC plate is of course also part of the deal.

Next to our used or new Reefer products, we offer you our second-hand best quality reefer, called REEFresh. These Reefers are upgraded in Cargo Worthy condition. For this upgrade, we have selected the best units including full body white painting. In addition, we put a special care on the key machinery parts:

  • The condensor coil is replaced,

  • the compressor is controlled and

  • we placed the most silent evaporator motors as well as

  • the heater will be replaced, if it runs under 2 ohm.

CCIS 40‘ REEFresh outside view

40‘ REEFresh outside view

Our containers are CSC certified, which means you can load, transport and ship them safely. They are wind and waterproof and prevent rain and insects from damaging your cargo.

40‘ REEFresh inside view

40‘ REEFresh inside view

This is our best second-hand quality Reefer, upgraded to Cargo Worthy condition including a full body white painting. In addition, we put special care on the key machinery parts.