New sustainable container washing area at CCIS Germany and CCIS Netherlands

December 9, 2021

The refurbishment work of the container washing areas at our CCIS depots in Hamburg and Rotterdam was completed. The new facilities do not only offer more capacity but are also environmentally friendly at the same time.

In late September, the recent works on the new container washing area at CCIS Netherlands site Rotterdam, Waalhaven were completed. Last of all, the watertight base was laid. This ensures that the polluted water does not drain directly into the soil. Now, the new wash site completely meets environmental requirements. It now offers a total of 35 40-foot spaces for cleaning containers.

New container washing area CCIS Netherlands, Waalhaven

Container washing area at CCIS Netherlands, Waalhaven

The new container washing area is more sustainable and offers more capacity at the same time.

Furthermore, the container washing area at our CCIS Germany depot in Hamburg has also been renovated. The base has been sealed as well so that no water can drain unfiltered into the soil. The new wash site offers 16 40-foot spaces for containers.

The below picture shows a clear progress: The container washing area in Hamburg before and after the renovation work.

New container washing area CCIS Hamburg

Next, a water recycling system is to be installed. This will enable pre-used water to be filtered and returned to the water cycle. Using water multiple times not only offers a cost saving but also promotes the sustainable use of natural resources. 

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    Our goal is to continuously look for more sustainable and better ways for all our service areas.