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About us

CMA CGM INLAND SERVICES (CCIS) is a neutral container depot network acting together with many different partners. With an extensive network in 30 countries, CCIS is the world's largest provider of different container solutions. We provide innovative solutions to sustain growth and dynamism in a fast-changing market. As part of the CMA CGM Group, a world leader in shipping and logistics, we offer our customers long-term and complementary products and services.

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    1.3 Mio.

    TEUs transported in 2022

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    3.3 Mio.

    TEUs handled in 2022

Jean Vanmalle, General Director CCIS, CCIS, CCIS Network

"CCIS is a market leading, global inland services provider with a deep commitment to operational excellence, safety, and our environment."

Jean Vanmalle, General Director CCIS

Our Team

CCIS is committed to being a Market Leader based on operational excellence and innovation. Our team represents those ambitions and is experienced, well trained and committed to providing first class service.

We permanently strive to improve our skills and services and are proud to work for our company and meet our customer’s expectations. Being part of the Group facilitates our growth and supports our functional, operational, and sustainability goals from which customers and employees alike profit.

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Join us

CCIS is an international company employing more than 1894 professionals. Combined with our worldwide presence, we are able to offer diverse career opportunities.

We work in a flexible and modern environment. Every day we face new challenges that need to be mastered. Our dynamic team works with an innovative mindset, while remaining true to our traditional port-related roots.

Would you like to learn more about working at CCIS? Then contact us and become part of a strong and motivated team.

CCIS join us, CCIS our team, CCIS, CCIS network, CCIS team, jobs CCIS, working at CCIS

What our partners say about us

CCIS cooperating partner

Addicks & Kreye Container Logistik GmbH & Co. KG, Nicolas Thiede, Disposition Manager Hamburg Branch:

"One of the most modern depots in the Port of Hamburg. The electronic pre-registration and contactless check-in via app save us valuable time."

CCIS cooperating partners

CTD, Ralph Frankenstein, General Manager:

"We are pleased with the positive development over the last few years, which has resulted in our trucks being processed much faster. “

CCIS cooperating partner

Garbe Transport, Michael Garbe, Managing Shareholder:

"Here, punctuality is rewarded with fast check-in.”

CCIS cooperating partner

Glomb, Delf Hoehne, Management Western Europe and special transports:

"Very motivated and customer-oriented depot with a very high willingness to help.“

CCIS cooperating partner

LTH Langhorst Trucking, Meike Langwald, Direction FV:

"A constantly good and up-to-date development in the process and system.“

CCIS cooperating partners

SCT Seiler GmbH, Patrick Schattling, Managing Director:

“CCIS Germany combines innovative business processes with a maximum of flexibility.”

CCIS is working closely together with many different partners.

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Our History

CCIS is a network of companies which had been active since 1980, and had operated under different names such as PROGECO, 3CTC, CCLDP etc all around the world, mainly oriented on M&R (maintenance and Repair) for empty containers, then extending activities to transport and full container services.

Our DNA is quality of services, delivery on-time to our customers.

In 2019, the CMA CGM Group accelerated the development of inland services by unifying their products, processes and systems under a single brand CCIS.

CCIS aqcuired Continental Rail in 2021 to sustain its rail growth, and intergrated inland road transport division of Containerships in 2023.

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We have completed an extremely strong development and have our goal clearly in sight.

CCIS is proud of the developments already achieved and is committed to continuous improvement.